Request Emergency Food and Housing Assistance

USO-Metro provides free furnished apartment units to military service members and their families who are in extreme financial hardship, or to families of service members who are critically or terminally ill and require treatment at area military hospitals. These apartments are made possible by the generous support of Oakwood Worldwide. Units are available for up to 60 days at no cost. Each family must be referred by a senior command representative, military social service agency or by a military patient representative. Certain eligibility requirements established by USO-Metro and military officials apply.

For more information on Emergency Services contact your Senior Enlisted Advisor.

Senior Enlisted Advisors please contact

Someone in my husband’s chain of command told us about USO-Metro’s emergency housing program. We had help within hours of first hearing about it. It was really quick and easy. We have a 6 month old son. I would have been stuck living out of friends houses for months if not for the emergency housing. It’s just amazing that there is help like this. In a situation where you’re pretty much stranded and there’s nowhere else to go, it was good to have this support.

USO-Metro offered us a home when we didn’t have one and we had nowhere to go. The emergency housing program gave us somewhere to go, where we could regroup and take time out with one less thing to worry about. USO made sure we didn’t have to be on the street, you made sure we had a place to go. If I could say one thing to USO-Metro and its staff, I’d say thank you.


Since 2000 USO of Metropolitan Washington has been providing emergency food assistance to service members and military families experiencing financial difficulties. Based on the number of requests for assistance USO-Metro has received from service members, chaplains, family service centers and Commands requesting our assistance we have expanded the program and now have food pantries at 4 of our USO Center locations listed below.

Eligibility: Primarily E6 and below service members serving on active duty service and their spouse. However, all military members may qualify depending on finical circumstances, number of family members, and situational needs.

Food Pantry Locations:

NSA Bethesda Alex Stephen (240) 552-9328 4565 Taylor Road, Bldg. 83 Bethesda, MD 20889

Fort Meade Melyssa Haubenstricker (410) 305-0660 8612 6th Armored Cavalry Road Fort Meade, MD 20755

Fort Belvoir Casey Oelrich (703) 744-0848 5940 9th Street Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

Indian Head Naval Station Barb Locke (301) 744-6713 14 Strauss Avenue Indian Head, MD 20640


USO-Metro also has a limited supply of food and grocery store gift certificates for military families in need. If it is a severe situation that requires more assistance than what is offered through the Food Pantry please contact the staff member below. Qualifications for this Emergency Food Assistance program usually requires a referral from chaplains, family service centers, or Commands and is a one-time use.

Please contact:

Hannah Donohue (703) 254-6770 204 Lee Ave – Bldg 59 Fort Myer, VA 22211

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