Dyncorp International

Photo taken from 2015 Operation Back to School Sponsored by DynCorp International

DynCorp International

Website: www.dyn-intl.com
Board Member: John Gastright, Senior Vice President
2019 Level of Sponsorship: 2019 One-Star Sponsor
2019 Sponsorship Commitments: 37th Annual Awards Dinner Silver Sponsorship

About DynCorp International: DynCorp provides flight operations support, training and mentoring, international development, and emergency services. Dyncorp assisted in recovery and emergency services in New Orleans following hurricane Katrina. DynCorp provides contingency support for the US Army abroad through the LogCap contracts providing vital resources for the troops such as food services, laundry, construction materials and MWR facilities. DynCorp is also contracted with the DOD to provide aviation service and maintenance, such as helicopters, front-line fights, and transport aircraft.

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