Emergent BioSolutions

Photo Taken from Enlistment Ceremony at Military Entrance and Processing Facility Sponsored by Emergent Biosolutions

Emergent Biosolutions

Website: https://www.emergentbiosolutions.com/
2019 Level of Sponsorship: 2019 One-Star Sponsor
2019 Sponsorship Commitments: Sponsor of Fort Meade Military Entrance and Processing Facility, 37th Annual Awards Dinner Sponsor

About Emergent Biosolutions: Emergent Biosolutions develops and produces vaccines that treat or protect against infectious diseases and bio-agents. The company supplies BioThrax (the US’s only FDA-approved anthrax vaccine) primarily to the US Department of Defense, Centers for Disease Control, and the US Department of Health and Human Services. The company’s biosciences division is working on therapies for leukemia and lymphoma and vaccines for such infectious as influenza.