Monster Energy

Photo taken from WFC Belvoir 5th Anniversary Celebration (2018)

Monster Energy

Board Member: Hilton Scholsberg, President and COO
2019 Level of Sponsorship: Four-Star Sponsor
2019 Sponsorship Commitments: Premium Table Sponsor for 2019 Annual Awards Dinner, 2019 Stars & Stripes Liberty Gala Sponsor, Auction Item Donations, Product Donations.

About Monster Energy: Monster Energy is committed to turning dreams into a reality by providing the frameworks, support, encouragement, and opportunities for people everywhere to achieve their goals. Monster helps people become pro-athletes, musicians, rockstars, and live the lives we all dreamed of as kids. By supporting the fans, bands, scenes, events, athletes, leagues, and many other events, Monster celebrates alongside their fans in their mission to turn dream lifestyles into realities