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*Photo Taken from Annual BBQ Battle Event, June 22nd, 2019 *

The Young Professionals Committee is a group of dynamic professionals dedicated to raising awareness for the USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore in order to keep service members connected to family, home, and country. They are young men and women throughout the National Capital Region, with varying links to the military community, who come together with a common understanding of the needs to support service members and military families. Established in 2016, the Committee values strong communication, creative minds, and unwavering support for the country’s Armed Forces.

Since its inception, the Committee has hosted social events, provided volunteer opportunities, and held benefit concerts in support of USO-Metro programs, services, and locations.

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Meet our 2019 Young Professionals Committee

Mark Clippinger, Committee Co-Chairman additionally serves on the committees/boards of the Veteran Wheelchair Games, the USO Tribute of Cincinnati, Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled and Reelabilities Film Festival. Through the Veteran Wheelchair Games and Reelabilities Film Festival, Mark has spearheaded the effort to make 2017 the “Year of Inclusion” in Cincinnati. He has worked with the Mayor’s office and local art organizations to bring awareness to the largest disabled oriented film festival in the country as well as 500 wheelchair athletes to compete in 17 competitive games. Additionally, Mark’s work with all of these entities has assisted in fundraising over $1.8 million since his inception.

Mark is thrilled to be apart of a force that continuously dedicates themselves to connecting our military community with family, home, and country.

Carl Beddell, Committee Co-Chairman an attorney and federal management consultant. Growing up in a military family, he moved throughout his childhood but is now a 12-year resident of the DC area.

Carl attended Washington University in St. Louis on an ROTC scholarship. Upon graduation, he received his commission as an Army officer and served from 2000 until 2005. His final military assignment placed him in the DC community. Carl earned his law degree from Georgetown University and after passing the bar began assisting veterans in appeals to obtain disability benefits. In 2013, he incorporated Bedell PLLC and expanded his practice into additional areas – namely working with small businesses and individuals in art industry. Carl is also the founder and CEO of ILION Management Strategies, a federal consulting firm.

Carla Babb, Committee Member an award-winning Pentagon correspondent for VOA News. She has interviewed senior defense leaders including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joe Dunford, SOUTHCOM Commander Admiral Craig Faller and Air Mobility Commander General Carlton Everhart. She has reported from all over the world, with datelines from Kabul to Baghdad, and has covered transformative events including the killing of Osama bin Laden by US forces in Pakistan and the decision to carry out US strikes against Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria.

Babb joined VOA in 2008. Prior to her current post, Babb was a general assignment reporter and primary fill-in reporter at VOA’s White House and State Department bureaus. She also anchored VOA’s flagship Learning English Television, which teaches English to millions worldwide.

“I Support USO-Metro because after telling the incredible stories of U.S. service members, I felt compelled to give back to those who serve.”

Kim Berryman, Committee Member I work as a Television Producer and have volunteered with Veteran Organizations for over ten years. My father is an Air Force veteran and my grandfather served in the United States Army. I’ve produced many veteran stories, and sincerely enjoy giving back to our military community, as well. I’ve lived in Washington, D.C. for twelve years, but I’m originally from San Diego, CA.

“I Support USO-Metro because I enjoy being able to thank our younger, metropolitan based veterans who may not be able to get out to the other events.”

Tracy Freedman, Committee Member is an accredited marketing and public relations professional with 15 years’ experience developing data-driven communications strategies and building programs that affect change. As a digital marketing leader at Booz Allen Hamilton, Tracy manages the firm’s employee advocacy and engagement program. Her experience spans nearly every industry including the federal government, military, information technology, nonprofit and fashion.

Tracy is a passionate advocate for military spouse employment and believes that geographic location should not be a barrier to building a successful career. She also believes that corporate America plays an important role in bridging the military-civilian divide and envisions a future where all citizens feel inspired to contribute to their local communities in meaningful ways.

“I Support USO-Metro because my husband is an active-duty service member and I’m passionate about bridging the military-civilian divide”

Rachel Hallinan, Committee Member is a proud supporter of our Nation’s veterans. I’ve lived and worked in our Nation’s capital for over ten years

I live and work in the Washington, D.C. Metro area and am a proud supporter of our nation’s military. Have dedicated the past ten years to recruiting cleared professionals, and currently hold the position as Senior Recruiter of Defense & Intelligence at Leidos.

“I Support USO-Metro because volunteering is a way of giving thanks to those who protect our freedom.”

Michael Njokuobi, Committee Member is a native of Durham, North Carolina and has been involved with USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore Young Professionals since the summer of 2017. Michael enlisted in the United States Army in 2002, is a proud graduate of the United States Military Academy, a combat veteran, and currently serves as an active-duty service member.

“I Support USO-Metro because having deployed and worked overseas multiple times, I have come to appreciate everything the USO does to help support service members. I feel the least I can do is to help support them with my free time.”