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Welcome to USO-Metro Garden Works! The mission of USO-Metro Garden Works is to support our active-duty service members and their families as they learn sustainable living through gardening. Whether your motivation is protecting the environment, encouraging family activity, general wellness, or reducing social isolation by being apart of a virtual community, we have the tools and resources for you!

Have questions about gardening? Feel free to get connected with one of our Master Gardeners in the Mentorship section of our Facebook page. Interested in some of the nutritional information regarding the food we grow? Check out our collection of resourceful articles in the Files section.

Be sure to stay tuned for our virtual gardening sessions, powered by Zoom, to enhance your knowledge and skills to help you reach your gardening goals!

Lastly, remember to share your projects with your USO-Metro Garden Works community! In these times of social isolation, it is our goal to create a community built on shared experiences, education, support, and creativity. The way to achieve this goal is through active participation, engagement, support, and the involvement of each individual. Just like the times in which we live, we are all in this TOGETHER. If you are able, connect with the group via Facebook.

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