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  1. Supermarket Sweeps (Meade) 

    Fort George G. Meade USO Center

    8612 6th Armored Cavalry Road Fort Meade, MD 20755

    In partnership with USAA and the Maryland Food Bank, USO-Metro presents Super Market Sweeps. Hosted on the first and third Thursday of each month, Super Market Sweeps provides fresh produce and non-perishable goods free of charge to active duty mili…

    Oct 18th, 2018 10:00 AM EDT (1000Q)

  2. Open Art Session (Adults only) (Bethesda) 

    USO Warrior and Family Center at Bethesda

    4565 Taylor Street, Bethesda, MD 20815

    Open Art Studios are intended for service members to continue working on ongoing projects, learn a new skill, and/or explore with materials.

    Oct 18th, 2018 4:00 PM EDT (1600Q)

  3. Honest Soul Yoga (Belvoir) 

    USO Warrior and Family Center at Fort Belvoir

    5940 9th Street, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

    Yoga focuses on learning physical poses and includes breathing techniques. It can help an individual relax and move his/her body in new ways. Yoga offers the greatest health benefits by enabling one to develop flexibility, strength, and balance. Thi…

    Oct 18th, 2018 5:30 PM EDT (1730Q)

  4. Bingo (Bethesda) 

    USO Warrior and Family Center at Bethesda

    4565 Taylor Road Building 83 Bethesda, MD 20889

    Presented by the Rotary Club of DC. Join us from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. for family bingo with a variety of food and prizes.

    Oct 18th, 2018 6:00 PM EDT (1800Q)

  5. Stars and Stripes Benefit for the Troops 

    Business Office

    Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner Center 7901 Tysons One Pl, Tysons, VA 22102

    Oct 18th, 2018 7:00 PM EDT (1900Q)

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The thing I love about volunteering with the USO over any other organization is that military men and women are just so respectful. They are so respectful to us and appreciate everything we do. It is absolutely the moments you know you're making a difference, the moments you see that appreciation. that make it all worthwhile
Mike, an eleven year volunteer with Washington Dulles International Airport USO Lounge and the USO Warrior and Family Center at Bethesda: Find out how to support USO